Karatbars Are Authentic

Pure 999.9, 24 karat fine gold. Encased in a Plastic Card which serves as the Assayers Certificate of Warranty. Produced only by an LBMA accredited refinery and assayed for purity and weight. Retains an embossed serial number unique to that particular Karatbar. The refinery’s unique hologram added to the back of the Karatbar for security.

As long as the hologram remains intact, the customer should never have the burden to prove authenticity, weight or purity. Each Karatbar has very unique Genetic Markers within the warranty card which can be seen using a black light technology. Karatbars have been bathed in a specific DNA bath unique to only Karatbars International as a security measure. The DNA bath is used to autenticate the Karatbar as geniune and not counterfeit.

LBMA Certified 24K Gold [999.9 pure]


Karatbars are real gold that is embedded into a heat-sealed UV protective plastic card. The 1 gram 24k gold bars are fully insured and shipped with reliable, fast delivery. The 999.9 pure atakulche bars are produced by Atasay, which is an LBMA GDL Refiner. Each gold bar is stamped with a valid trademark and contain an assayer’s signature on each unit. Hologram adcorns are placed on the reverse side of the credit-card sized bar for both security and visual appeal.


Karatbars are purchased by first completing a simple form and meeting the requirements listed on it. Once the form is submitted, the purchaser will receive an email that includes a form that must be signed electronically and submitted. An account is created once the submitted papers are received. A Karatbars International executive will then call the new purchasers to discuss options and the process involved in purchasing the right metals for the best retirement benefits. Once a metal is selected, it is then sent and locked within a bricks epository within seven days. The purchaser will receive an email notification when this process is complete.

The motivation behind buying gold stems from the purchaser desiring to counteract the effects of currency depreciation, inflation, and economic instability. Gold is considered to be a universal investment accepted by all, and can easily be converted during times of economic turmoil.

Anyone searching for Gold or business opportunity in the world of precious metals has come across Karatbars International. What are Karatbars and how do they work? Watch the video below to hear a detailed explanation of how Karatbars works and how the opportunity can benefit you.


Karatbars Explained

A Karatbar looks like a regular credit card but in fact it offers you so much more. It contains a piece of quality 24-karat 999.9 percent pure gold that is embedded into the seemingly regular plastic heat-sealed card.

The Karatbars Gold is exclusively produced and it’s authenticity is guaranteed by the company. Individuals in this opportunity can choose among several cards that contain anywhere between one and five grams of pure Gold.

How much does this opportunity cost?

Prices are aligned with International high quality gold standards. In addition, the shipping costs also include insurance charges, providing convenience and peace of mind.

Karatbars Certified GoldInternational Certification

To guarantee the quality and authenticity of the products, the company has went ahead to require the necessary International Certification.

Produced in alignment with the regulations of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), the cards are fully accredited and accepted worldwide. The best part is the fact that you no longer need to register your funds or deal with unnecessary credit or debit card charges.

Card Customization options

Karatbars are suitable for just about any occasion. If you are a person who always adds a personal touch to gift giving, then you certainly prefer to create unique and memorable presents.

Apart from being a great personal pick, a karatbars gold card can also be turned into a present. On top of being valuable, this option is highly customizable.

You can easily change the image featured on the card, as well as the colors.

Various limited edition cards have been created by Karatbars International, as well. The product range is diversified, which affects its appeal and boosts the popularity of the option.


What is Karatbars International?

Founded in 2011, Karatbars International is a financial service company that is behind the precious metal trading options and the business opportunity already described.

It is set on firmly upholding International Bullion laws as defined by the World Trade Organization. Founded in North America and operating from Germany’s Stuttgart, the company has quickly gained valuable experience and expertise in the field of precious metal trading and International financial markets.


Who are Karatbars suitable for?

Now that you know what are Karatbars, it’s important to determine who’ll benefit from the opportunity.

The ownership of gold is a great idea for just about everyone. The value of the precious metal has been increasing throughout history. Gold is the perfect buffer against inflation and it can be used to diversify just about any investment portfolio.

On top of selling cards and gold, Karatbars International also has income opportunities for the people interested in gaining their financial independence. The business model and its different levels are clearly described on the company’s website. Karatbars is a legitimate option so if you want to experiment with the possibility, the company is certainly the one to join.

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