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*This training is created by Brian McGinty, a Karatbars Top affiliate who is managing 11,000+ affiliates and customers in 120 countries. Brian is a friend and our Direct Sponsor and willing to help you grow your Karatbars business.

If you want to know a short cut to success you can skip ALL the following training by completing the following two steps.

Step 1. Complete all of the Five Steps in your back office today

Login to your Karatbars Back Office and complete the Steps. Connect with me if you have any questions.

To be an affiliate for Karatbars you don’t have to purchase a Marketing Package – You can promote your affiliate link and make a small portion of all the gold purchases from your referrals.

When you decide to invest in one of the Marketing Packages, then you are running a real business with 9 ways to get paid. We also help to educate and build your team for you.

Your Marketing Packages comes with 99.99 Pure Gold in grams and products that far outweighs the cost of the package that you purchase.

1. Cost Of Marketing Packages & Direct Commissions from your referrals.

2. Unilevel Bonus (Overrides)

3. Generational Bonus (6%)

4. Package Commissions (Direct commissions from Dual)

5. Dual Team Bonus (Cycle Commissions)

6. Karatbars Pool

7. Karatbars Gold Funds

Watch this video to learn how the compensation plan works – and why purchasing a Marketing Package will guarantee much higher monthly income for you.

Ready to start your journey? Login now and complete the steps now.

Step 2. Request for a Personalized Business Review Page

As a Begin Gold team member you will get your own personalized “Business Review Page”, to show your potential affiliates and customers. These pages are the most effective way to get people to understand the potential of Karatbars. Simply send your visitors to the Personalized Business Review Page that we build for you. All the information is laid out for them to make an informed decision and signup under your referral link.

Free Personalized Business Review Pages:


We can create a Personalized Business Review page for you too. Simple send us a large photo and your bio to add to the page and we will create one for you.

Request A Business Review Landing Page Now

Step 3. Find 3 people register and complete the steps in the next 30 days

*To “find” the three people ask three people to watch your video on your Landing Page every day for thirty days. Statistically 5-10 new customers will register. 

If everyone did this know one would need to know, learn, do anything else. Completing those steps means momentum, duplication and commissions will be achieved by everyone. Everyone will have started their business properly from day one.

The system I have created makes failing virtually impossible. I have removed the need to learn, create or do anything other than complete the two steps.

  • Your video is automatically updated monthly
  • Support/Newsletters/Training/ for your customers is all provided by my office

We have a saying at Karatbars which explains our business.

“Karatbars basic training – Help some people save and make some money”

“Karatbars advanced training – Help a lot of people save and make a lot of money”

Offline Marketing Steps

Karatbars affiliates can promote their business offline with great success. Business groups, local meetups, churches and charities can immensely benefit as a Karatbars affiliate.

Online Marketing Steps

Marketing Karatbars online is a powerful way to reach people worldwide and help them do the same. If you are promoting online, don’t forget to get your personalized Business Review page.

Support Is Key.

If you have any questions not covered please get in touch with us in the first instance. We can answer 90% of them and if I can’t I will contact head office on your behalf. When you join our team, we pass on plenty of referrals directly to you so that your team will grow fast. Remember, it’s a team effort and we stand by you every step of the way.

Gary F Cramer

Gary F Cramer

Karatbars Silver member

Abe Cherian

Abe Cherian

Karatbars Premium Member

Brian McGinty

Brian McGinty

VIP Business Partner

Need Help? Many ways to connect with us.

  1. Office – 1(561) 793 0292 [Mon to Fri 9AM-5PM EST]
  2. Cell / Whatsapp – +1(561) 248 0458 [For team members only]
  3. Skype – gary.cramer2
  4. Email – support (AT) goldgramclub.com.com
  5. Youtube Channel
  6. Facebook Page
  7. Linkedin

Head Office Service & Support

Karatbars Head OfficeUS Support: + 1 224 829 00 47

EU Support: +49 (0) 711 128 970 00

Office hours US & Spanish Support: Mon-Thurs 8am – 10pm CET, Fri 8am – 6pm CET, Sat-Sun 8am – 9pm CET

Office hours EU Support: Mon-Thurs 9am – 12.30pm / 1.30pm – 6pm CET, Fri 9am – 12.30pm / 1.30pm – 4pm CET

Email: [email protected]