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Below you will find the STEPS to educate yourself about Karatbars International, and to join my team.  I will give you all you need to start earning with Karatbars Gold Opportunity.

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Hello, My name is Doug Courtright and I am an online Marketing Associate. I have teamed up with a Marketing team with over 25 years experience. 

I have been in the Finance, Marketing and Financial Planning industry for over 30 years helping hundreds of people achieve their financial goals. For over 25 years, my Wife and I have lived here in the Midwest city of Kansas City, Missouri. My passion is to help others achieve success and show them how to do this. We all have felt our hard earned savings and incomes devalued, property values plummet and our savings and investments erode away with time. Also, many of us have personal debt up to our neck and find it difficult to save on a monthly basis. Oh my, you are not alone and the future is looking even tougher to get that savings plan into place.

The real culprit is our Paper Money (our currency). Our governments are always printing more money with no substantial backing except more debt. The cash in your wallet, money in the Bank, and even our retirement plans are reducing in value and purchasing power with inflation and many other world events that happen daily. The one proven world monetary standard is Gold and with this I can help you gain and grow your purchasing power and savings. All this will give you the confidence to want to save more.

Why I Joined Karatbars International?

I have been watching gold for a long time. Before I joined Karatbars, I had thoroughly researched this company, its morals, the gold products, the vision of the founder, and all the growth potential for all us in this opportunity.

Here are some of the reasons why Karatbars Business will be good for you as well.

  1. A debt free Company with $137 Million turnover
  2. The founder’s vision for humanity
  3. The product is GOLD
  4. Affordable way to own gold even for people in the menial income category
  5. Associates are given an incredible opportunity to earn, and to get paid weekly
  6. 9 ways to earn a growing residual income and partnership opportunity
  7. It is already in over 115 countries worldwide
  8. A strong support team that really cares

Education is The Most Valuable Asset You Can Give yourself.

Watch the videos on this page, and if it makes sense to you – contact me. I provide all the support you need to start a profitable business for you. Starting with your own Personalized Business Review page just like this one.


Founder’s Message

“What matters to me is a word, a handshake, crystal clear decisions and words such as Love, Respect, Appreciation, and Friendship. Everyone gains what he gives. Most of mankind only keeps the things in mind that they do not want. If you focus on what you want to obtain, then you will reach your goals. If your goal is distinct, the way towards it will reveal itself”.

– Harald Seiz, Founder of Karatbars Int’l.


What Is It Really About?

Want to see what Karatbars International is REALLY all about? Karatbars is simply making gold ownership available to everyone. The mission is simple, honest and effective as we now have over 400,000 account holders in 119 countries. Listen to this 60 minute presentation.


Company & Products Presentation.

A complete presentation of the Company, products, compensation, marketing, and registration.

  1. What does Karatbars offer?
  2. Gold mega market
  3. Why Gold?
  4. Why do so many people live in poverty while others live in prosperity
  5. Gold product line
  6. Direct commissions
  7. Dual commissions
  8. Automatic Incentive program
  9. Long term Incentives


After you signup as a free Affiliate, pick a marketing plan that is right for you. There is no monthly fee to be an affiliate. I will design a personalized page for you and provide all the support you need to start securing a weekly income.

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