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It doesn’t matter what your current cash flow situation is, you can still grow your monthly income and build a fortune in monthly income and Gold with Karatbars International.

Below you will find the STEPS to educate yourself about Karatbars International, and to join my team.  I will give you all you need to start earning with Karatbars Gold Opportunity.

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Hi, I am Abe Cherian and I am the owner of BeginGold.com.  I have been a full-time Web Entrepreneur since 1999.  Founder & CEO of Webpreneur Media, LLC., and managing partner with AdClick Media.  I live in Upstate New York, with my wife and four children.

If you have been seeing your hard earned savings devalued, property value plummet, savings disappear into thin air, debts up to your eyeballs, and no way to save money anymore — you are not alone.  Majority of humanity is experiencing this very same at the moment.

The real culprit is Paper Money, Geo-political changes, The Federal Reserve, and Governments & Banks.  What you are carrying in your wallet, cash or credit is reducing purchasing power and its value by the minute. Gold is real money, and I can help your gain back / or grow your power and confidence in the future.

Why I joined Karatbars International?

GOLD has always been on my radar.  I knew that gold was the ONLY source of wealth that holds real value.  Before I joined Karatbars, I thoroughly researched the company, it’s values, the products, the vision of the founder, and the growth potential for all involved in the company.

Here are some of the reasons why Karatbars Business is good for you.

  1. A debt free Company with $137 Million turnover
  2. The founder’s vision for humanity
  3. The product is GOLD
  4. Affordable way to own gold even for people in the menial income category
  5. Associates are given an incredible opportunity to earn, and to get paid weekly
  6. 9 ways to earn a growing residual income and partnership opportunity
  7. It’s worldwide
  8. A strong support team that really cares

Education Is The Most Valuable Asset You Can Give Yourself.

Watch the videos on this page, and if it makes sense to you – contact me. I provide all the support you need to start a profitable business for you. Starting with your own Personalized Business Review page just like this one.


Founder’s Message

“What matters to me is a word, a handshake, crystal clear decisions and words such as Love, Respect, Appreciation, and Friendship. Everyone gains what he gives. Most of mankind only keeps the things in mind that they do not want. If you focus on what you want to obtain, then you will reach your goals. If your goal is distinct, the way towards it will reveal itself”.

– Harald Seiz, Founder of Karatbars Int’l.


What Is It Really About?

Want to see what Karatbars International is REALLY all about? Karatbars is simply making gold ownership available to everyone. The mission is simple, honest and effective as we now have over 400,000 account holders in 119 countries. Listen to this 60 minute presentation.


Company & Products Presentation.

A complete presentation of the Company, products, compensation, marketing, and registration.

  1. What does Karatbars offer?
  2. Gold mega market
  3. Why Gold?
  4. Why do so many people live in poverty while others live in prosperity
  5. Gold product line
  6. Direct commissions
  7. Dual commissions
  8. Automatic Incentive program
  9. Long term Incentives


After you signup as a free Affiliate, pick a marketing plan that is right for you. There is no monthly fee to be an affiliate. I will design a personalized page for you and provide all the support you need to start securing a weekly income.

Support Is Key.

If you have any questions not covered please get in touch with us in the first instance. We can answer 90% of them and if I can’t I will contact head office on your behalf. When you join our team, we pass on plenty of referrals directly to you so that your team will grow fast. Remember, it’s a team effort and we stand by you every step of the way.

Gary F Cramer

Gary F Cramer

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Abe Cherian

Abe Cherian

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Brian McGinty

Brian McGinty

VIP Business Partner

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