Karatbank Coin (KBC)

The KaratBank Coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that is linked to physically deposited gold in the Karat Bank Vault.

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Note: United States of America citizens, residents (tax or otherwise) or green card holders as well as residents of Canada, the Peoples Republic of China or the Republic of Singapore are not eligible to participate in the KaratBank ICO. The United States of America include Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and any other possessions of the United States.

Your once in a lifetime opportunity – The ICO from Karatbank.

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Bitcoin is more than just a decentralized and an anonymous means of payment, It’s huge increase in value has let to cryptocurrencies being termed the “digital Gold” of the modern age.

While Cryptocurrencies has only recently revolutionized the world, physical Gold has been used as a means of payment for over 4000 years. Gold is trusted on a global scale, is limited in quantity and has a stable value.

What happens when you combine these industries?

Introducing Karatbank Coin (KBC).

Karatbank Coin is the first coin that is linked to physically deposited Gold. Each coin represents a certain amount of Gold which can be traded in at any time. The security is unique in the Crypto world and is attracting a huge amount of buyers.

This is your opportunity.

Karatbank is implementing a unique ICO. During the ICO, you will not just be able to buy the coins cheaply, you will also receive a bonus of up to 40% on your purchase.

Karatbank Coin has a cooperation with Karatbars International, which already has a community of over 480,000 Gold buyers worldwide.

The globally expanding network of Karatbars acceptance points simplifies the launch of Karatbank Coin. Any company that accepts Karatbars will also accept Karatbank Coins in the future. For these reasons, a high Market Capitalization can be realized quickly.

What are you waiting for? Benefit from the mega trend of Crypto Currencies and people’s age old trust in Gold. Buy Karatbank Coins now and get a bonus of up to 40%.