Karatbars Head Office have released this offer yesterday as a forerunner to the big news coming on June 18th.. (That’s all I can reveal to you at this time)

Basically anyone who is on a €125 Bronze Package today can earn 20% direct commissions and double dual team payouts on all Bronze Members they bring in between now and 18th June..

This is primarily to help people get started on the Karatbars ladder and to give more commissions to new affiliates.

Many people in disadvantaged areas/countries can only afford to get started on bronze and their social circle will be the same… Harald hopes this will put more commissions in their pockets quickly…

If you are still on the fence and undecided about Karatbars, please please take it from me you will be so happy you placed your order for a Package before the 18th June. It only costs €125 / $135 for life and will be the best money you spend this year.

If you are an existing affiliate get as many people started with Karatbars as possible over the next 30 days on ANY package. … On the 18th of June you will be glad you did!