In Future – Pay Securely With Gold!

Imagine a network of stores and online shops that accept gold both physically – CashGold – and virtually – KaratPAY – as a means of exchange and payment. Worldwide, with maximum security.
You find it as exciting as we do? Search no longer – you found it!
A Network of Trust: That’s K-Exchange
It’s an innovation of Karatbars International: a shopping community based on trust in gold.
Where in the world is K-Exchange?
Soon everywhere. You can quickly find out which shop already accepts CashGold and where to find it when using the search function in the top menu bar.
Why gold? Gold is crisis-proof, inflation-resistant and stable at all times. Gold does not have to be explained to anyone. It is universally known, appreciated and coveted for securing financial resources. It is virtually indestructible. Trust in gold is unlimited.

From now on, gold is also an innovative value: CashGold.

CashGold – Reliable – Stable – Worldwide Accepted
CashGold was developed by KaratBank and Karatbars International as an exchange and payment means with integrated gold bars in the smallest unit of 0.1 gram fine gold (Fineness 999,9, conformity with German legislative text §1 FeinGehG). By appropriate combination of the gold bars on the carrier, CashGold can be offered in denominations of 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.4g and 0.6g total weight, ensuring high exchangeability.
CashGold – Safety First, Everywhere and Anytime
14 security features both on the note and on the gold make CashGold virtually counterfeit-proof. Thanks to the encoded forensic marking applied to the bars in liquid form during production, you can instantly check every gold bar for authenticity. This is how we create maximum security for all our partners.
Gold creates Trust – Certified Quality gives Peace of Mind
Karatbank and Karatbars International manufacture exclusively gold from LBMA verified refineries, which ensures that highest demands can be met. The London Bullion Market is the most important over-the-

counter market for the trading of gold and silver. Trading is conducted amongst members of the London
Bullion Market Association (LBMA), which has accredited five companies to monitor the Good Delivery System.

‚Good Delivery‘ – the international seal of quality guarantees all features engraved or punched on the gold, such as purity and weight as well as the permanent, continuous storage in certified storage facilities. Gold with Good Delivery Status is accepted and traded worldwide.